BabyHunch Tour

Getting Started

In order to start a baby pool, create an account by logging in with Facebook, or create an account with your email address.

Snippet of the signup screen

Once you have an account and are logged in, you can then ceate a baby pool...

Creating a Baby Pool

Choose the details for your pool, starting with whether it's for a single baby, twins or triplets and ending with the option to upload an image, with a ton of other options in between, including choosing which categories can be guessed, your preferred date format, time format, units of measurement, and so much more!

Snippet of the Create a Pool screen

Inviting Participants

Once your pool is ready, click "Share/Invite" to let friends and family know about it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or good old email.

NOTE: People you invite do NOT need to create an account. This is a big advantage of BabyHunch Baby Pools. Only the person who creates the pool has to create an account. Everyone else simply enters their hunches. In general, most people don't like having to create an account. With BabyHunch, they don't have to.

Snippet of the Share/Invite Screen

The link you share with everyone will take them to the pool page...

The Pool Page

The pool page stores all the info about a pool and is where everyone goes to add their hunches...

Snippet of the Pool Page

Below shows how the hunches appear on the pool page...

Snippet of the Hunches list

Adding Hunches

You and whoever you invite will simply click the "Add Hunches" button on the pool page. Whichever categories are being guessed will appear with a large question mark...

Snippet of the Add Hunch screen

When you click a question mark, a box opens to allow you to make your guess. For example, here is how the date-picker looks...

Snippet of the Datepicker screen

Announcing the Baby & Declaring a Winner

Once baby arrives and you enter their actual info, scores will be automatically calculated and a winner will be declared.

Snippet of a Final Pool Page announcement of the baby

Snippet of a Final Pool Page showing the winner

Start a Baby Pool