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What is BabyHunch?

A free website where you can host a Baby Pool (aka Baby Guessing Game) for friends and family!

What is a Baby Pool (aka Baby Guessing Game)?

A Baby Guessing Game (aka Baby Pool) is a group game where any number of participants can submit their guesses (called “hunches” in these parts) about the new baby. You can guess characteristics such as the Birthdate, Birth Time, Gender, Weight, Length, Hair Color, Eye Color and/or the First Letter of the new baby’s First Name.

Creating a Baby Pool

When you create a BabyHunch Baby Pool, you'll name the Pool (something like "Jim and Pam's Baby Pool!", "Here Comes Baby Smith!", etc.) and you'll have full control over the scoring system, including choosing which categories can be guessed and choosing how many points are added to a person's score for incorrect hunches (the LOWEST score wins in our Baby Pools). If you’re ready to start a fun and easy-to-use Baby Pool, simply click the “Start a Baby Pool” button at the top or bottom of this page!

Inviting Participants

We give you a default invitation (you can edit the text if you want) that you can either share on Facebook or email to whoever you want.

NOTE: Everyone you invite does NOT need to create an account with our site. This is a big advantage of BabyHunch's Baby Pools. Only the person who creates the pool has to create an account. Everyone else simply enters their hunches and hits submit. In general, most people don't like having to create an account, verify an email address, etc., etc. With BabyHunch, they won't have to.

Screenshot of Facebook Share Screen

Entering Your Hunches

You fill out our simple to use "Submit Hunches" form. See below for an example of the "Submit Hunches" screen...

Screenshot of Submit Hunch Screen

Seeing Everyone's Hunches

The BabyHunch "Pool Page" shows all hunches that have been submitted. See below for an example of what that looks like...

Screenshot of Submitted Hunches

Printable Calendars!

Participants can print out a Calendar to help keep track of everyone’s Birthdate and Gender guesses. See below for an example of the Printable Calendar...

Screenshot of Printable Calendar

Participants can also print out the final results of the Baby Pool as a keepsake memento (for a scrapbook possibly).

Determining the Winner of the Baby Pool

Using the scoring settings you choose, everyone's score will be automatically calculated once the baby is born and the actual baby info is entered. The person with the LOWEST score wins the pool. See below for an example of a "final" Pool Page screen...

Screenshot of Final Pool Page

P.S. BabyHunch also has a page with ideas for Baby Shower games, as well as page listing out the Most Popular Baby Names.

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