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I used baby hunch when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2011. I loved the site, and so did my family and friends. It was a cute way to keep those who live out of state feel connected to me and my baby and have fun with the pregnancy as well."
-Keighla D.
I used babyhunch.com for two different pools- one for my family and one for the students in my class (I am a teacher). Both loved it! We had decided not to find out the gender of the baby before she was born and we didn't give any hint about names. It was really fun to see what my family members guessed for gender and first letter of name." I had looked at some other sites for Baby Pool competitions, but this one was definitely the most user-friendly and had everything we wanted! Thanks!"
-Sara M.
I did, in fact use babyhunch.com to send out a baby pool to our friends and family. We knew we were having a girl, but decided it would be fun to still have everyone guess the date, weight, hair color and eye color. We had a great response, in fact, one of our friends was so close, she was within minutes of the time and I believe, an ounce off from her actual weight! We loved all of the options available, especially since we already knew the gender of our little darling. It really was fun and I'm sure I'll use babyhunch.com for my future pregnancies!"
-Monica K.
BabyHunch was a great way to include many people in the excitement of expecting a baby. I was so excited to meet our baby and see who won the pool. It turns out that my best friend won our pool. The best part is that she guessed our baby's birthdate TO THE MINUTE! She guessed baby would arrive at 6:17 pm on February 10. And that is the exact day, hour and minute she was born. It was so amazing to go back to the website and see her guess. I have recommended BabyHunch to several friends who are expecting and will do another pool when we have our second baby."
-Amy M.
Loved using babyhunch. My family has done baby pools for many many years but this site made it easy to keep track of all of the guesses as well as the ability to invite friends and family from around the country to participate as well. I liked that you can customize what people have to guess so you can have them guess a lot of info or just some very basic info. Liked the ease of using the site and that it automatically calculated the winner and places of the additional guesses once the baby's info was entered. Was a fun way to add to the excitement of the baby's arrival."
-Melissa F.
BabyHunch was a free, easy, and fun way for family and friends to get involved with my sister in law's pregnancy. It only took a few minutes to set up and everyone loved waiting to see who would win."
-Melissa M.
Baby Hunch was exactly what we wanted and needed to start a pool for a co-worker who was expecting! We work in IT and are positioned in different buildings, so it started off as a way to get everyone involved. Soon it expanded into family, friends and coworkers of the spouse wanting in on the fun. It took minutes to set up…and the mommy- to- be signed up to receive notifications when new “hunches” came in! She loved the comments people posted and hated it when someone would predict her baby would have no hair! She even sent out pictures of her husband and his full head of hair to prove her baby would not be bald. You can imagine the fun and laughs when he was born with peach fuzz………….. When she delivered it was so simple to add the information, tally the score and determine a winner. We will certainly use Baby Hunch again…We think something is in the water with all the baby bumps beginning to show around here."
-Cathy P.
Our first daughter arrived on March 11th of this year. My wife is from England; and all of her family and friends still live there. Additionally, we have friends scattered all over America. We setup a Baby Hunch group to allow our friends and family the opportunity to participate in a fun game and help build up the global excitement in advance of Sadie's birth."
-Adam & Rachel W.
I wish BabyHunch was around in 2007 and 2010 for my first two babies, but am happy I got to use it for my last baby who is now 9 weeks old! What a really fun and perfect way to get all your loved ones who are sprinkled all over the map to feel like they are part of the journey. I now paste the link on all my pregnant friends' Facebook pages and tell them to create one! Love it!"
-Emily C.
Baby hunch was so much fun to use! Our family loved it too, and I had a few friends also pregnant who I recommended it to. Very user friendly!! Thanks."
BabyHunch was a great way for my friends and family all over the country to have some fun with a baby pool. I shared the link on my Facebook page so everyone could get involved! Also, I am a member of an incredible Facebook group of 150 first time mothers who were all due in the same month. Many of us used BabyHunch and shared our pool in the group! We had so much fun with it and really enjoyed seeing each others' results!"
-Megan R.
I loved the babyhunch.com baby pool. It allowed my family and friends from all over the country to join in on the guessing fun! I loved that we didn't have to send a paper for everyone to write on or so many emails and calls. Everyone was able to go on day or night and submit their guesses. I was pregnant with twins and it was easy to figure out how to make both pools. It was great that it emailed everyone the winner and winning stats of the babies without me having to touch base with all the people who played! Thanks babyhunch.com Twins born in January 2013"
-Jenny I.
BabyHunch.com is a great website! It lets family and friends become involved in our pregnancy with us. We enjoyed reading all the hunches and guesses that everyone submitted. The best part - it's free! I'd do it again when we have our next baby for sure."
-Sarah W.
It is a free and fun way to involve friends and family in one of life's most special moments...and surprises! There are just too few of those these days. I also printed a copy as a keepsake for my son and gave the "winner" a prize."
-Sondra L.
We really enjoyed using the baby pool this spring and LOVED that it was free and easy to use. My 8-year old son submitted a guess under the pseudonym "Darth Vader" (with his location as "Death Star", obviously). He is a rather scientific young lad, so he guessed his own birth weight and height (since that's the size baby I have) and the due date (since that's what the doctor predicted). Surprisingly enough, my daughter was exactly the same height and weight as my son, and born only a few hours before her due date. So in the case of our baby pool, Darth Vader triumphed but everyone was still happy. Thanks and best of luck!"
-Liz B.
Baby Hunch was a fun way to get our family and friends involved in the birth of our baby. The day he was born, everyone was wondering who "won"! It was also a great way to get the stats of our son out to everyone easily."
-Megan P.
I hope this note finds you well :-) I found out I was pregnant right before a transfer for work. It was our 1st baby, and we were moving 3+ hours from home for our jobs. We did not find out the gender of our Son, and BabyHunch.com let our friends and family get and stay involved in our pregnancy being that we were so far away. It became a great contest and conversation starter. I had fun reading all the guesses and comments, and it gave us an easy way to let everyone know when Will was born, that he was in face, a "he" and how big he was without sending individual messages. Thank you again,"
-Alli D.
BabyHunch is a great, easy-to-use web-site that our office has enjoyed several times. The baby pools are easy to set up, administer and share with office members, family and friends."
-Paul C.
I was really excited to hear about babyhunch.com. My family had a great time guessing when my sister's new baby would arrive and what his name would start with! I'll definitely use it again when I need to organize a baby pool! The best part was that we asked Big Brother-to-be, Griffin, age 2, all of the questions- and he ended up winning the pool!"
-Jessica J.
I moved away from all of my family and friends when I was six months pregnant. I was sad that they couldn't experience my pregnancy with me. BabyHunch gave me the opportunity to include them in the fun of the pregnancy. I shared the pool on facebook and more than 30 people added hunches. The winner definitely enjoyed having some bragging rights and guess who came in last place....me!"
-Abbey T.
I used BabyHunch.com as a fun way to easily coordinate and track guesses for my soon-to-be-born son. It was so fun and heartwarming to see friends, family and even coworkers get excited and also a little competitive! Everyone involved could go onto the site to see everyone's guesses and to see how many points they received. I also like how guesses weren't limited to just height and weight and could be made on eye and hair color, too! I will definitely be using BabyHunch.com for my next pregnancy!"
-Lynn S.
We had everyone fill out a BabyHunch form at my shower. We didn't know the gender, so it made it extra fun! It really built the anticipation for the birth by giving our family and friends a way to participate in the process. Once our daughter was born, the built in calculations made it easy to determine the winner and communicate with the group. And, I was able to print the list of guesses to put in my scrapbook. I know my daughter will enjoy looking through them someday. What a great product!!"
-Kayce L.
When I found babyhunch.com through my google search I was so happy! It was very easy to set up! It was also simple to invite as many people as we wanted to share in our excitement of having a baby and guessing the unknowns, such as date of birth, weight, length, hair and eye color. We invited our family and close friends to participate and it was so neat to see their hunches! As the due date got closer, our competitive friends and family members were letting us know that "today was the day" for our baby girl to come! Like we found out babies come on their own time...6 days late. After our sweet girl arrived it was so much fun to go back in and add her stats and see the hunches get calculated! Our niece was the winner and she will forever be cool in our daughters eyes! Thanks for adding excitement to the wonderful experience of having a child!"
-Erin H.
Such fun for my family and friends around the world to be a part of the birth of our baby girl!"
-Jamie T.
Such a great idea. Organizes a baby pool with ease."
-Jessica H.
Baby Hunch was a great way for our friends and family from out of state to guess when our daughter was going to be born. Everyone had a lot of funny making their guesses and getting their scores."
-David P.
Our office has/had two expecting mothers (we’re now down to one J), so we thought it would be a fun to start a baby pool. I surfed the net to find BabyHunch. This site proved to be very simple and user friendly. Once we chose the feature categories of the baby to be and invited the office to play, the pool ran itself. When Baby Nora arrived, I plugged in her information and POOF!, we had a winner. It was so easy and fun! Thank you, Baby Hunch!"
-Susan T.
BabyHunch was not only easy to set up, but also very user friendly to enter your “hunches”. I also liked that peoples entries were visible to anyone who entered a hunch – not just the creator of the pool. It was fun to take part in! I would recommend BabyHunch.com to anyone. Thank you."
-Susannah R.
My husband and I did our research when looking for an online baby pool and BabyHunch.com best fit our needs. We loved that the pool was customizable (i.e., we were able to choose which pool questions we wanted to include). Best of all, it was free and our family and friends did not have to open an account on the website to enter their hunches. Our estimated due date was 5/16/13 and we chose to have our baby's sex be a surprise. For our pool we asked our participants to guess baby's birth day and time, length, weight, sex, and the first letter of the first name. Instead of having to sign into our account to see if anyone had entered their hunches, I received an email every time a guess was submitted with all their answers. I really enjoyed getting those emails and my husband and I would get a kick out of the entered responses! At my baby shower the talk was all about how anxious my guests were to see who won the pool! And of course everyone thought they had the best guesses and would be the winner! After our son was born and his statistics were entered, all our responses were automatically ranked by point total, giving us our baby pool winner. It is without hesitation that I would recommend BabyHunch.com to family, friends, and every pregnant woman out there! And I will definitely be starting another baby pool with BabyHunch.com for our future pregnancies!"
-Kristen G.
I used babyhunch.com when I was pregnant with my son for a fun way to do a baby pool with my coworkers and a separate one for my family. I must say, I was so pleasantly surprised with how easy the site was to navigate for both myself and my coworkers. It not only was so much easier than running around the office getting everyone's guesses and trying to track my family across the tri-state area. Doing it online was easy to keep track of everyone's guesses and once the baby came all I had to do was plug in the stats and it figured out the results by itself! This was such a relief! Especially after having a newborn, I wasn't sure how fast the results would be done had I had to manually tally everything. I posted the result from the hospital! (I won too!) I also loved that there was also a spot for people to put their "name". My office got very creative with this part including the name "the real baby daddy" and "the king". Ha! Overall, I would definitely recommend this website to people who want to have a fun way to get friends and family near and far to participate in the pregnancy. I also love the fact that i haven't gotten spam emails from "partner sites" that they sold my info to. My email stayed private. One thing i am truly thankful for! I have nothing bad to say about this site and will def use it again... If we decide on another!"
-Marita T.
I used babyhunch for the birth of my niece a year ago. My sister-in-law is the co-owner of a jewelry store in Manhattan so the prize for the baby hunch winner was a beautiful bangle bracelet. In this day and age, where most people know the sex of the baby and the suspense of the "It's a boy/girl" moment no longer exists, baby hunch gives the participants the opportunity to be interested in the otherwise mundane details of time of birth, weight, etc. It was a welcome addition to the more common and cornball routine shower games. The other great thing is that the site itself calculates the winner based upon the importance the pool runner places on each criteria. Everybody is aware of the rules and can check all final results online to see how they placed. Complete transparency is important when you're dealing with 50 women and a bangle!"
-Antonia L.
Our baby pool was a big success. A lot of people got involved and were very excited about the prospect. We added a financial component which upped the excitement even more. The ability to include comments and unique unsernames with your guess provided for some entertaining anecdotes from our family and friends. Our son was 10 days late so it was nice to have babyhunch calculate who the real winner was, as we weren't clever enough to figure out who came the closest in weight, height, date, and gender combined. We will definitely use babyhunch for baby #2!"
-Jim L.
BabyHunch is very fun and easy to use. Everything is simply laid out, so it was easy to get the fun and games started! I started the baby pool for my co-worker, and after it was set up at work she could forward it to her friends and family so it was all in one convenient place for her. Thanks BabyHunch!"
-Stacey T.
We loved using Babyhunch for our "baby pool". We have friends and family all over the world and found that this was the easiest way to involve everyone. The scoring system made it fair and a lot of fun!"
-Laura S.
I wanted to do a pool for the upcoming birth of my new grandchild. At first, I thought I'd do an excel spreadsheet, but then decided to check out what might be available on the web. I came across Baby Hunch and thought it would be fun to do it that way. I set up the pool and sent out the emails. Many were forwarded on, which was great - the more the merrier. The site was easy to use and for that reason, almost everybody submitted a guess. I like the first letter of the name option for the site which makes it a little more interesting. We welcomed our new grandson, Tyler, on 4/29/13. Funny thing is, I won! Of course, everyone thought it was rigged since I was the administrator, but I won fair and square. It was lots of fun and everyone was asking me how I found it. We will use it again when the next baby is due."
I didn’t use BabyHunch.com in the traditional way that most of the users do. As I am in Wyoming & we do things differently around here! I used it for my friends Kyle & Mandi. Their mare was going to have a either a filly or a colt! We used it to guess the sex of the horse, color and the date."
-Meagan C.
My husband and I had a co-ed baby shower and one of the "games" we had set up was to guess the baby's gender, height, weight, day/time of birth, hair/eye color and length. Seeing everyone's guesses was really entertaining, as well as all of the thought and effort people were putting into their guesses. Everyone pitched in $5 per guess and some people got so competitive that they entered twice because it was "winner takes all." We kept the money in a jar that said "Guess Who?" on it until the birth of our baby and once the baby arrived, we entered everyone's guesses into the database at BabyHunch.com in order to see the automated results. Funny enough, I won! I'm glad we used BabyHunch.com because I felt bad that I won, but this way everyone could see the results weren't rigged. Hosting this Baby Pool was a really fun way to get everyone involved, especially since we had a co-ed shower. I would definitely recommend this site to people who want to have a little fun in welcoming their baby to the world. I will definitely be using it again for my next child."
-Holly O.
Good times were had :)"
-Samantha F.
Babyhunch.com was a hit! It’s fun, exciting, and easy to use. The few seconds it took to set up provided hours of fun and enjoyment for our entire office. As the organizer, I really enjoyed the email alerts generated by new baby hunches. Fun, fast, and free babyhunch.com is the best tool for a baby pool!" "
-Patrick C.
Absolutely sensational! Easy to organize, utilize and send out results!"
-Korren J.
I have used Babyhunch a couple of times for our work group as a fun, convenient, and very easy way to keep everyone involved and informed about the newest addition coming! Our group loves it because it’s very simple and straightforward to participate being as we are all very busy."
-Cathy H.
Baby Hunch was a fun way to celebrate my daughter's birth! I was able to being in family and friends from across the globe in one "virtual room" to play a game. Excellent!"
-Joseph T.