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We've Redesigned!

(and added tons of new features)

New Features

  • Ability to upload images
  • Improved, simpler scoring system
  • Standard or metric units of measurements
  • Set up pools for twins or triplets!
  • "Log in with Facebook" integration
  • Modern, mobile-friendly design
  • And much more...

Still the Same

  • It’s FREE, it’s FUN, it’s EASY!
  • Involve friends, family, coworkers, etc. in the new baby excitement
  • No registration required to make guesses
  • Invite via social media and/or email
  • Pick & choose categories to guess
  • And much more...

How it works

Set up a Baby Guessing Game (aka Baby Pool) in minutes, choosing up to eight guessable categories!

Invite friends & family to add their hunches about the baby via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or good old email.

Once baby arrives, enter the actual info. The scores will calculate automatically and a winner will be declared!

Guessable Categories

Date of Birth

(MM/DD or DD/MM)

Time of Birth

(AM/PM or 24-hour)

Baby's Sex

First Letter of Baby's Name

Baby's Weight

(lbs/oz or kg)

Baby's Length

(inches or cm)

Baby's Hair Color

Baby's Eye Color


Baby Hunch was a fun way to get our family and friends involved in the birth of our baby. The day he was born, everyone was wondering who 'won'! It was also a great way to get the stats of our son out to everyone easily."
-Megan P.

BabyHunch Stats

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babies born
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Recent births
New York City, NY 07/22
Gold Coast 07/22
Chicago 07/22
Indiana 07/22
West Chester 07/21
Atlanta, GA 07/21
Tucson 07/21
Kenora 07/21
Regina 07/20
Monroe 07/20
Crosby 07/20
Calgary 07/20
Prince Rupert 07/20
Wa 07/20
Pittsburgh 07/20
Las Vegas 07/20
Rock Hill, SC 07/20
Rock Hill, SC 07/20
Newnan, GA 07/20
Clifton Park Ny 07/19

Most Popular Baby Names

(over the past 12 months)


1. Charlotte
2. Hazel
3. Eleanor
4. Abigail
5. Evelyn
6. Ava
7. Harper
8. Olivia
9. Madelyn
10. Mackenzie


1. Luke
2. Dean
3. Thomas
4. Emmett
5. William
6. Graham
7. Elliott
8. Joseph
9. Lincoln
10. Sawyer

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