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  • Printable calendar
  • Ability to upload photos
  • Simple scoring system
  • Standard or metric units of measurements
  • Set up pools for twins or triplets!
  • "Log in with Facebook" integration
  • Modern, mobile-friendly design
  • It’s FREE, it’s FUN, it’s EASY!
  • Involve friends, family, coworkers, etc. in the new baby excitement
  • No registration required to make guesses
  • Invite via social media and/or email
  • Pick & choose categories to guess
  • And much more...

How it works

Set up a Baby Guessing Game (aka Baby Pool) in minutes, choosing up to eight guessable categories!

Invite friends & family to add their hunches about the baby via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or good old email.

Once baby arrives, enter the actual info. The scores will calculate automatically and a winner will be declared!

Guessable Categories

Date of Birth

(MM/DD or DD/MM)

Time of Birth

(AM/PM or 24-hour)

Baby's Sex

First Letter of Baby's Name

Baby's Weight

(lbs/oz or kg)

Baby's Length

(inches or cm)

Baby's Hair Color

Baby's Eye Color


We really enjoyed using the baby pool this spring and LOVED that it was free and easy to use. My 8-year old son submitted a guess under the pseudonym 'Darth Vader' (with his location as 'Death Star', obviously). He is a rather scientific young lad, so he guessed his own birth weight and height (since that's the size baby I have) and the due date (since that's what the doctor predicted). Surprisingly enough, my daughter was exactly the same height and weight as my son, and born only a few hours before her due date. So in the case of our baby pool, Darth Vader triumphed but everyone was still happy. Thanks and best of luck!"
-Liz B.

BabyHunch Stats

pools created
hunches added
babies born
girls born
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Recent births
Kamloops 01/28
Olney 01/28
Ohio 01/27
Madrid 01/27
Raleigh 01/27
Ct 01/27
Kelowna 01/27
Kansas City, MO 01/27
New York, NY 01/27
White Lake, MI 01/27
Milton 01/27
Chicago, IL 01/27
Rosemary Beach, FL 01/26
Midale 01/26
Yorkton 01/26
Ringsted 01/25
Ontario 01/25
Gitanmaax 01/25
London 01/25
Winston-salem, NC 01/25

Most Popular Baby Names

(over the past 12 months)


1. Charlotte
2. Olivia
3. Evelyn
4. Avery
5. Amelia
6. Isla
7. Emma
8. Hannah
9. Lucy
10. Abigail


1. Jack
2. Owen
3. William
4. Henry
5. Benjamin
6. Leo
7. Lucas
8. Oliver
9. James
10. Carter

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