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Pregnant? Or know somebody who is? A Baby Pool (aka Baby Guessing Game) is a fun group contest where any number of participants can submit their guesses (called “hunches” in these parts) about the soon-to-arrive baby.

The creator of the Baby Pool invites any friends and family members, who then submit their hunches very easily (no registration required!).

Participants can guess categories such as the Birthdate (date & time), Gender, Weight, Length, Hair Color, Eye Color and/or the First Letter of the new baby’s First Name.

Once the new baby arrives and the actual baby info is entered into the website, BabyHunch automatically tabulates the results based on your Baby Pool’s unique scoring system and declares the winner!

Anyone can create a Baby Pool online using BabyHunch, whether you’re the expectant mother or father, or just a friend of someone who is expecting. If you're ready to start a Baby Pool, click the "Get Started" button above!

An example screenshot showing how you submit your hunches...

Screenshot of Submit Hunch Screen

An example screenshot showing a Pool Page with several submitted hunches...

Screenshot of Submitted Hunches

An example screenshot of a "final" Pool Page...

Screenshot of Final Pool Page

If you’re ready to start a fun, easy-to-use, free Baby Pool, click the “Get Started” button!


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Fremont, WI 04/15
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Allan, SK 04/14
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Surrey, BC 04/14
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sioux falls, SD 04/12
Palmdale, CA 04/11
Bernville, PA 04/11
Houston, TX 04/11
Berlin, WI 04/11
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Fargo, ND 04/11
Brooklyn, NY 04/11
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Ambler, PA 04/10
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Toronto, ON 04/10
Salem, OR 04/10
Logan, UT 04/10
North Reading, MA 04/10
Warminster, PA 04/10
Bend, OR 04/10
Maple Ridge, BC 04/09
Kelowna, BC 04/09
Kelowna, BC 04/09
Smithtown, NY 04/09
USA, AZ 04/09
Clarksville, VA 04/09
Jacksonville, FL 04/09
Takoma Park, MD 04/09
Hampstead, MD 04/08
Kirkland, WA 04/08
San Francisco, CA 04/08
# of Active Pools: 5876