Scoring System (LOWEST score wins)
Birthdate1 point(s) added for each day off
Gender3 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
Weight0.125 point(s) added for each ounce off
Length0.25 point(s) added for each quarter-inch off
Hair2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
Eye2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
1st Letter2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
It's a GIRL!
Welcome to the world, Anastasia!
Actual Statistics for Baby
Baby's NameBirthdateGenderWeightLengthHairEye1st Letter
Anastasia06/08/17 @ 1:56 amGirl6 lbs 15 oz 19.5BlackBlueA
44 Hunches (The Due Date is 06/24/2017)
NameWho am I?LocationStateBirthdate & TimeGenderWeight
LengthHairEyes1st LetterScore
ARAZ06/08/17 @ 12:44 amGirl7 lbs 2 oz20 inBlackBlueA0.925
Charlotte W.NRHTX06/08/17 @ 1:22 amGirl6 lbs 12 oz19.5 inBlackGrayA2.399
"Can't wait to meet your little one! Love to you all!"
Meagan MurphyAuntMedfordOR06/07/17 @ 10:10 pmGirl7 lbs even19.25 inBlackGrayA2.532
"I can't wait to snuggle you ❤️❤️"
Catherine PNWOR06/09/17 @ 9:45 pmGirl7 lbs 4 oz19.5 inBrownBlueA4.451
Bernadette Blog readerKansasKS06/09/17 @ 11:02 pmGirl6 lbs 14 oz20 inBrownBlueA4.504
"Sending lots of love, warm thoughts, and many prayers!"
Maria PNWOR06/07/17 @ 10:00 pmGirl8 lbs 1 oz19 inBrownBlueA4.914
"Congratulations! Can't wait to meet her!"
Kathryn BnorthernVA06/08/17 @ 9:30 pmGirl7 lbs 14 oz19 inBrownBlueA5.19
"Prayers for a smooth delivery!"
Natalie Friend of the FamilyNorth Richland HillsTX06/07/17 @ 3:08 amGirl8 lbs even19.75 inRedBlueA5.325
"I can't wait to see her!!! Praying for you!"
Jacinta FriendPNWOR06/08/17 @ 9:08 amGirl7 lbs 8 oz19.75 inBrownBrownA5.675
"Praying for many blessings during delivery and recovery."
Avila W.God-daughterNRHTX06/05/17 @ 10:05 pmGirl6 lbs 6 oz19 inBrownBlueA5.785
"I can't wait to have a new god-sister and I love you very much!"
Andrew NTX06/05/17 @ 10:05 amGirl7 lbs 5 oz20 inBlondeBlueA5.91
Sean PNWAL06/04/17 @ 9:00 pmGirl7 lbs 1 oz18.5 inBrownBlueA6.455
"I win"
Rosemary Blog readerFront RoyalVA06/10/17 @ 7:12 amGirl7 lbs 4 oz19.75 inBrownBlueJ7.094
Kelly COSCO06/06/17 @ 2:19 pmGirl7 lbs 9 oz19 inBrownBlueM7.234
Aimee LandreneauFriendLafayetteLA06/10/17 @ 12:06 pmGirl8 lbs 2 oz20 inBrownBlueA7.298
"Love you, sweet friend! I can't believe it's been 8 years since we were pregnant together!"
Clare PNWOR06/12/17 @ 9:12 pmGirl7 lbs 7 oz19.25 inBrownBlueA8.052
Deb IowaIA06/10/17 @ 4:18 amGirl6 lbs 15 oz19.5 inBrownHazelM8.098
Elise W.Friend of the FamilyNRHTX06/13/17 @ 10:22 amGirl7 lbs 3 oz19.75 inBlondeBrownA10.101
"Can't wait to see her! :)"
Kathleen LawsonWashington StateWA06/10/17 @ 7:12 amGirl8 lbs 12 oz19 inBrownBlueE10.344
Erica MoravecEasternNE06/15/17 @ 6:15 pmGirl6 lbs 15 oz18.75 inBrownBlueA10.429
Carrie San DiegoCA06/06/17 @ 7:53 amGirl8 lbs 3 oz20 inBrownBrownC10.752
Kathleen LawsonWashington StateWA06/11/17 @ 10:15 amGirl8 lbs 7 oz19 inBrownBlueT10.846
"Praying for you during this exciting time!"
Aleesa FriendLakeviewOR06/15/17 @ 4:26 pmGirl7 lbs 2 oz19.5 inBrownHazelA11.979
"How fun is this!? Praying for you and baby :)"
Karla BacaFb friendRiceMN06/17/17 @ 10:42 amGirl7 lbs 6 oz19.25 inBrownBlueA12.49
"So happy and excited for you all!"
Macy MoravecEasternNE06/17/17 @ 6:17 amGirl7 lbs 10 oz19.5 inBrownBlueA12.556
Rose CastroWappingers FallsNY06/13/17 @ 3:02 amGirl7 lbs 8 oz20 inRedHazelM12.671
"God Bless you, Jessica. You will have your beautiful baby girl on June 13, St. Anthony of Padua."
Anna ThorpefriendPhilly areaNJ06/17/17 @ 8:35 amGirl7 lbs 8 oz20 inBrownBlueA12.901
Michael PNWOR06/17/17 @ 10:35 pmGirl7 lbs 5 oz20 inBrownBlueA13.11
Krista VermontVT06/11/17 @ 10:44 pmGirl8 lbs 3 oz20.25 inBrownBrownB13.116
Laura ColumbusOH06/13/17 @ 3:15 pmGirl7 lbs 10 oz20 inBrownGrayM13.43
Mary St louisMO06/15/17 @ 8:33 amGirl7 lbs 12 oz20.5 inBrownBlueG13.9
Annette DowneyCA06/16/17 @ 11:08 amGirl7 lbs 8 oz20 inBrownBrownA14.008
BRIDGET OMANGREAT AUNTIEEAGLE POINTOR06/20/17 @ 5:18 amGirl7 lbs 3 oz19 inBlondeBlueA15.14
Stacy WoodsNorth PlainsOR06/16/17 @ 10:00 amGirl7 lbs 7 oz20 inBrownHazelP15.836
"Jessica! I'll be praying for you! for a lovely, peaceful birth of this long awaited miracle baby."
Barbara Steinpraying for graceWestervilleOH06/20/17 @ 5:10 amGirl7 lbs 10 oz20 inBrownBlueA16.009
Janelle Small townND06/16/17 @ 8:10 amGirl8 lbs 5 oz20.5 inBaldBlueK16.009
"Wishing you an easy labor, and a wonderful delivery!"
Sarah JacksonGarnerNC06/17/17 @ 5:20 pmGirl7 lbs 6 oz21 inBrownBlueL16.016
Wildali OrlandoFL06/17/17 @ 7:21 pmGirl7 lbs 6 oz20 inBaldBrownM17.1
Mykaela VegrevilleAB06/21/17 @ 12:10 amGirl7 lbs 1 oz20.25 inBrownBlueM17.926
Quinn MoravecEasternNE06/19/17 @ 4:40 pmGirl8 lbs 2 oz19.75 inBrownHazelA18.238
"Congratulations! On your baby girl!"
Marlene DeHerreraFriendLivermoreCA06/20/17 @ 10:05 amGirl7 lbs 11 oz19 inBrownBlueM18.339
"GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS JESSICA! My prayers to you honey"
Laura NielsenBlog friend from way backMnMN06/20/17 @ 4:31 amGirl7 lbs 13 oz21 inBrownBlueF19.357
"I hope and pray you have an amazing delivery and happy healthy baby. God bless you and your family!!"
Simona Lanacrinea FB friendItalyUK06/22/17 @ 10:35 pmGirl7 lbs 6 oz19 inBrownBrownA20.234
"Congratulations Jessica! I'm very happy for you and your family! God bless!! <3"
Ali HelenaMT06/23/17 @ 10:00 amGirl8 lbs 9 oz21 inBlondeBlueM24.085
"Prayers for a safe and easy delivery. Health and happiness for all. God bless you."