Scoring System (LOWEST score wins)
Birthdate1 point(s) added for each day off
Weight0.125 point(s) added for each ounce off
Length0.25 point(s) added for each quarter-inch off
Hair2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
Eye2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
1st Letter2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
It's a BOY!
Welcome to the world, Michael Dubrish Constantiner!
Actual Statistics for Baby
Baby's NameBirthdateWeightLengthHairEye1st Letter
Michael Dubrish Constantiner05/21/17 @ 8:06 pm7 lbs 15 oz 20BrownBlueM
41 Hunches (The Due Date is 5/28/17)
NameWho am I?LocationStateBirthdate & TimeWeight
LengthHairEyes1st LetterScore
Katie Ball
FriendCACA05/21/17 @ 8:14 pm7 lbs 7 oz20 inBrownBlueT3.006
"Can't wait to squeeze baby C!"
Emily LookerFriendJerseyNJ05/22/17 @ 12:00 pm8 lbs 12 oz20 inBrownBlueJ4.287
"Can't wait to meet baby C! My hunch is an early arrival and a big baby boy ;)!"
Allison VelascoAmigaLos AngelesCA05/21/17 @ 5:27 am7 lbs 2 oz20.25 inBlondeBlueM4.485
Emily GuthBFFChicagoIL05/23/17 @ 9:15 pm7 lbs 6 oz20 inBrownBlueJ5.173
"Can't wait to meet baby C!!!!"
Lauren ConstantinerAUNTY laur!!!Del MarCA05/23/17 @ 10:21 pm7 lbs 8 oz21 inBrownBlueJ5.969
"I can't wait to meet my sweetest little nephew! We are soooo excited!"
Sara RaleighNC05/22/17 @ 6:27 pm7 lbs 10 oz20.75 inBaldBlueN6.306
Rosebud Aunt CCCharlestonSC05/26/17 @ 8:12 am7 lbs 5 oz19 inBrownBlueM6.754
"Can't wait for baby boy to arrive! He's luck to have you both as parents, he's going to be so loved!"
Katrina New YorkNY05/25/17 @ 2:00 am7 lbs 6 oz19.5 inBlackBlueM6.871
"Can't waot to welcome Baby C!"
Bob DPapaOCCA05/27/17 @ 7:58 am7 lbs 10 oz21.25 inBrownBlueM7.369
Kristin BrooklynNY05/24/17 @ 11:19 am8 lbs 2 oz20.5 inBrownHazelB7.509
Kristen MontanoAUNTIE ❤️Anaheim HillsCA05/26/17 @ 6:21 am8 lbs 7 oz21 inBrownBlueB8.427
"Can't wait to meet my little mini man!! 💙"
Amanda CocozzaFriend/auntNew yorkNY05/18/17 @ 5:01 am7 lbs 8 oz20 inBaldBlueJ8.503
"Name: j or B"
Andrea FayerNew YorkNY05/26/17 @ 5:19 am7 lbs 12 oz19.75 inBrownGrayJ9.009
Katie HuddlestonBloomfieldNJ05/29/17 @ 5:32 pm7 lbs 14 oz21 inBrownBlueM9.018
Dubie ConstantinerBaby MamaNew YorkNY05/25/17 @ 5:37 am8 lbs 5 oz21 inBrownGreenL9.146
Mickey PalinAlmost grandfatherNyNY05/31/17 @ 6:30 am8 lbs 4 oz20 inBrownBlueM10.058
Evgenia FriendSunny placeNY05/26/17 @ 5:17 am7 lbs 5 oz19.5 inBlondeBlueS10.132
"Can't wait to see and to meet baby C!"
Victory ChenNYCNY05/24/17 @ 8:40 pm6 lbs 15 oz18.75 inBrownHazelJ10.273
"BEBE C! Cant wait to meet you!"
Karen McGiinnisFriendBristolRI05/26/17 @ 7:16 pm7 lbs 11 oz21 inBrownBrownJ10.465
"Cannot wait to here❤️❤️"
Jayme TraaenNew YorkNY05/25/17 @ 8:30 am7 lbs 7 oz20 inBlondeGrayJ10.516
Mimmette FriendHoustonTX05/26/17 @ 10:20 pm7 lbs 8 oz20.75 inBlondeBlueP10.718
"Can't wait to meet Baby C! The most beautiful, healthy baby ever! xx Mimi"
Marisa MerlissFriendNYCNY05/25/17 @ 1:03 pm7 lbs 6 oz20 inBlondeGreenL10.831
HB The Fuckin' DadNew YorkNY05/28/17 @ 8:30 pm8 lbs even20 inBaldGreenM11.141
Brooke New YorkNY05/30/17 @ 7:23 am8 lbs 1 oz21 inBrownBlueC11.72
Megan FriendDenverCO05/30/17 @ 4:27 am7 lbs 12 oz21.5 inBrownGreenM12.222
JulieAnne About to be RaffenspergerNYCNY05/29/17 @ 5:05 am7 lbs 10 oz20.75 inBlondeBlueJ12.749
"Wooooo! Congrats to you both! May he be healthy and happy and perfect :)"
Muffin SiclareAuntie MuffinMadisonNJ05/26/17 @ 9:14 pm7 lbs even22 inBlondeBlueR12.922
Kim VillanuevaCookie Cook 🍪New YorkNY05/28/17 @ 4:25 am8 lbs 2 oz20.25 inBlondeHazelN12.971
"Woot Woot!!🎉"
Kelly WilsonSmokes!Huntington BeachCA05/30/17 @ 6:45 am7 lbs 11 oz19.75 inBlondeBlueJ13.193
"I am beyond excited for you and I love you both!!!"
Lauren LMU friendSan AntonioTX05/29/17 @ 7:00 am7 lbs 2 oz19 inBrownBrownA14.079
"Congrats! Its so great to see you going through this exciting time!"
Lauren LondonUK05/31/17 @ 7:11 am8 lbs 2 oz19.75 inBlondeBlueC14.086
"Cant wait to meet him!!"
Podi PalinAlmost GrandmotherNew yorkNY05/28/17 @ 3:03 pm8 lbs 10 oz20 inBaldGreenB14.164
Christine ThomsonNew YorkNY05/29/17 @ 3:42 am7 lbs 10 oz18.75 inBaldBrownJ15.191
"Can't wait to find out the details and see pics! Due date is my birthday! GEMINI!"
Liz Soon to be auntHoustonTX05/29/17 @ 8:08 am7 lbs even18 inBrownHazelJ15.376
Michelle Kagan SandlerBrooklynNY06/01/17 @ 7:22 pm7 lbs 11 oz20 inBlackBlueJ15.469
Alecia OleyourrykFellow CorerBrooklynNY06/02/17 @ 1:22 pm7 lbs 3 oz20.5 inBlondeBlueK17.719
"You got this Dubie!"
Ashley LMU friendCACA05/09/17 @ 6:05 am6 lbs 12 oz20.25 inBrownBrownH19.208
"Congrats Laura!!! Parenthood looks good on you!"
Bonnie CarterNYCNY06/02/17 @ 8:37 am7 lbs 6 oz20.75 inBlondeGrayJ19.396
"Happy last week's of pregnancy!"
Jomama BrooklynNY06/05/17 @ 4:51 am8 lbs 2 oz20.75 inBaldBlueL19.489
"This baby will come out doing squats!!!"
Sky SpalloneTiti SkyNyNY06/06/17 @ 12:22 pm8 lbs 1 oz20.25 inBlondeBlueL20.177
"Can't wait to C baby C 😍"
Mimi OCCA04/27/17 @ 8:10 am8 lbs 9 oz20.5 inBrownBlueJ28.246