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Abigail's Baby Pool!
(Status: Baby has arrived!)
Scoring System (LOWEST score wins)
Birthdate1 point(s) added for each day off
Weight0.125 point(s) added for each ounce off
Length0.25 point(s) added for each quarter-inch off
Hair2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
Eye2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
1st Letter2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
It's a GIRL!
Welcome to the world...

Actual Statistics for Baby
Baby's NameBirthdateWeightHeightHairEye1st Letter
Abigail02/14/13 @ 12:56 am7 lbs 11 oz 20BrownHazelA
8 Hunches (The Due Date is 02/08/2013)
NameWho am I?LocationStateBirthdate & TimeWeight
LengthHairEyes1st LetterScore
Sperm DonorEvansvilleIN02/13/13 @ 1:15 am8 lbs 5 oz20 inBrownHazelA2.237
Kelly friendLincoln ParkMI02/13/13 @ 9:14 pm7 lbs 13 oz20.5 inBrownBlueA2.654
Sara HaafrandomUnited StatesSC02/14/13 @ 7:31 am7 lbs 11 oz20.5 inBlackBlueE6.524
Lisa Toschfriend of a friendUnited StatesWI02/10/13 @ 9:42 pm8 lbs 3 oz19.75 inBlondeBlueA8.26
Stephanie baby momma (not competing)EvansvilleIN02/06/13 @ 7:09 pm8 lbs 12 oz20.25 inBlondeHazelA11.491
Danielle FriendSpartanburgSC02/04/13 @ 2:15 am8 lbs 4 oz20 inBrownBlueA13.07
Melissa BFraaaaaaaaandPickensSC02/04/13 @ 6:15 pm8 lbs 7 oz19 inBaldBlueA15.278
amy witherspoonfriendscSC02/01/13 @ 5:00 pm8 lbs even19.5 inBaldGrayA17.205
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