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(Status: Baby has arrived!)
Scoring System (LOWEST score wins)
Birthdate1 point(s) added for each day off
Gender3 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
Weight0.125 point(s) added for each ounce off
Length0.25 point(s) added for each quarter-inch off
Hair2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
Eye2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
1st Letter2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
It's a BOY!
Welcome to the world...
Peter David!

Actual Statistics for Baby
Baby's NameBirthdateGenderWeightHeightHairEye1st Letter
Peter David10/07/13 @ 4:32 amBoy9 lbs even20BlondeBlueP
2 Hunches (The Due Date is 10/08/2013)
NameWho am I?LocationStateBirthdate & TimeGenderWeight
LengthHairEyes1st LetterScore
Rose Ludwig
friendUnited StatesNE10/02/13 @ 4:05 pmGirl8 lbs 1 oz20 inBlondeBlueR11.393
Kara McInteeFriendPhoenixAZ09/25/13 @ 11:01 pmBoy7 lbs 14 oz19.5 inBlondeBlueT15.979
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