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(Status: Baby has arrived!)
Scoring System (LOWEST score wins)
Birthdate1 point(s) added for each day off
Weight0.125 point(s) added for each ounce off
Length0.25 point(s) added for each quarter-inch off
Hair2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
Eye2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
1st Letter2 point(s) added for incorrect hunch
It's a BOY!
Welcome to the world...
Michael Dubrish Constantiner!

Actual Statistics for Baby
Baby's NameBirthdateWeightHeightHairEye1st Letter
Michael Dubrish Constantiner05/21/17 @ 8:06 pm7 lbs 15 oz 20BrownBlueM
41 Hunches (The Due Date is 5/28/17)
NameWho am I?LocationStateActual LengthLength HunchDifferencePoints Added
Amanda CocozzaFriend/auntNew yorkNY2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
HB The Fuckin' DadNew YorkNY2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Podi PalinAlmost GrandmotherNew yorkNY2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Mickey PalinAlmost grandfatherNyNY2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Marisa MerlissFriendNYCNY2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Katie Ball
FriendCACA2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Jayme Traaen New YorkNY2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Emily GuthBFFChicagoIL2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Emily LookerFriendJerseyNJ2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Michelle Kagan Sandler BrooklynNY2020Great Guess! - 0 quarter-inches0
Allison VelascoAmigaLos AngelesCA2020.251 quarter-inches0.25
Ashley LMU friendCACA2020.251 quarter-inches0.25
Lauren  LondonUK2019.751 quarter-inches0.25
Kim VillanuevaCookie Cook 🍪New YorkNY2020.251 quarter-inches0.25
Kelly WilsonSmokes!Huntington BeachCA2019.751 quarter-inches0.25
Sky SpalloneTiti SkyNyNY2020.251 quarter-inches0.25
Andrea Fayer New YorkNY2019.751 quarter-inches0.25
Kristin  BrooklynNY2020.52 quarter-inches0.5
Mimi  OCCA2020.52 quarter-inches0.5
Evgenia FriendSunny placeNY2019.52 quarter-inches0.5
Katrina  New YorkNY2019.52 quarter-inches0.5
Alecia OleyourrykFellow CorerBrooklynNY2020.52 quarter-inches0.5
Jomama  BrooklynNY2020.753 quarter-inches0.75
JulieAnne About to be Raffensperger NYCNY2020.753 quarter-inches0.75
Bonnie Carter NYCNY2020.753 quarter-inches0.75
Sara  RaleighNC2020.753 quarter-inches0.75
Mimmette FriendHoustonTX2020.753 quarter-inches0.75
Kristen MontanoAUNTIE ❤️Anaheim HillsCA20214 quarter-inches1
Dubie ConstantinerBaby MamaNew YorkNY20214 quarter-inches1
Katie Huddleston BloomfieldNJ20214 quarter-inches1
Lauren ConstantinerAUNTY laur!!!Del MarCA20214 quarter-inches1
Rosebud Aunt CCCharlestonSC20194 quarter-inches1
Lauren LMU friendSan AntonioTX20194 quarter-inches1
Karen McGiinnisFriendBristolRI20214 quarter-inches1
Brooke  New YorkNY20214 quarter-inches1
Bob DPapaOCCA2021.255 quarter-inches1.25
Victory Chen NYCNY2018.755 quarter-inches1.25
Christine Thomson New YorkNY2018.755 quarter-inches1.25
Megan FriendDenverCO2021.56 quarter-inches1.5
Muffin SiclareAuntie MuffinMadisonNJ20228 quarter-inches2
Liz Soon to be auntHoustonTX20188 quarter-inches2
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